A Life Journey Full of Achievements and Bestowal in Serving the Pilgrims. The profession of agents is an old profession, which began hundreds of years ago.
The first agents were interested in the well-mannered competition in dedicating themselves heart and soul in serving the pilgrims of the Ka'bah , "who come on foot and on every lean camel, from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway".
They were also keen to inculcate in the hearts of their children the love of serving pilgrims , besides directing them to work in the same field , in order to ensure the continuity of this high honor to serve the pilgrims.

Decades of Experience in Serving the Hajji's

Welcome to Al Wukalla - Pioneer in Providing Hajj Services

Our Main Services

Decades in Serving The Hajji's, in Hospitality & in Logistic Services

Welcoming & Transactions Facilitations

“Al Wukalla” represents the linking tie for the stages of services provided to the pilgrims.

Organizing & managing Crowds

Since “Al Wukalla” is the first to receive the pilgrim and the last to bid him farewell to his country.

Baggage Transportation & Management

Luggage from arrival ports, securing sufficient, large and small carts, electric locomotives, and automated cranes.

Fees Collections

A rapid computer information network was founded, waiting rates were reduced to the lowest rates, a database was provided for pilgrims.