The Scope of Al Wukalla Co. in developing the Services Offered to the Guests of Allah During Their Pilgrimage & Visits to the Holy Sites & Even During Their Visit to the Prophet’s Mosque in Al Madinah Al Munawara are Not Limited to the Ports, Airports & Boarders of Saudi Arabia but Even Extend to Operate in Some of the Airports of The Islamic World.

Halat Ammar – Al Qurayyat – Ar’ar – Al Riq’ee – Al Khafji – King Fahad Causeway – Al Bathaa – Al Wadee’a – Al Khadra – Al Taweela – King Abdulaziz Airport ( 3 Terminals ) – King Khaled Airport in Riyadh – King Fahad Airport in Dammam – Prince Mohammad Airport in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah – Jeddah Islamic Port.

The Most Important Services

The “Agents Company” represents the linking tie for the stages of services provided to the pilgrims, and it is honored to provide its services to all of Al-Ka’bah pilgrims , inspired by the slogan embraced by the Ministry of Hajj: (Hajj serving is a great honor.. fidelity and a real responsibility), to begin its role and start receiving pilgrims, more than one million and eight hundred thousand pilgrims are received each year, from more than one hundred and eighty-five different nationalities, and coming from five hundred cities from all over the world, welcoming them, completing their procedures, and guiding them to various service sites such as government agencies, banks, and airlines. In addition to organizing them, grouping them according to their nationalities, in the waiting places designated for them at the arrival ports, to be grouped into groups – according to the load of buses, their places of residence, and the field service groups that serve them, and to overcome all the difficulties they may face during their presence in the different entry ports. The Agents Company, for several years, has built its headquarters at these ports, rehabilitated and equipped some of its headquarters and provided them with mechanisms, equipment and all the necessary material and human operating requirements, which enabled it to accommodate the increasing numbers of the pilgrims to serve them to the fullest , which amounted to sixteen outlets.

Transporting Pilgrims’ Luggage

From the arrival ports, securing sufficient and necessary numbers of workers, large and small carts, electric locomotives, and automated cranes. As well as registering the data of all arriving pilgrims on the computer, and transferring them to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah –Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , under whose supervision and under its responsibility the “Agents Company” works, where this data is automatically transferred to it, to enable it to prepare in advance and early for their service, as well as providing the concerned official authorities, with these data for pilgrims when necessary .

Clear and sufficient data are prepared about the pilgrims, the names of the companies they are affiliated to , in addition to overcome all of the problems and obstacles the pilgrims may face to ensure the quick completing and finishing of the pilgrims’ procedures with ease and convenience , and with all of the official Hajj missions, and concluding of the bilateral agreements that define each party’s rights and obligations. Among the duties, in addition to coordinating with the Establishments of Arbab Al-Tawe’f : (Arbab Al-Tawe’f Companies ), to enable them to provide their services to the pilgrims, as well as to achieve the best results to ensure that the pilgrims are grouped upon arrival and departure with ease and convenience , and to coordinate with the “General Syndicate of Cars ” to provide and prepare the means various transportation means to transport them, by providing the convenient means of transportation necessary to transport them to Makkah Al-Mukarramah or Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, in coordination with the official Hajj missions, and the Hajj institutions, and with the Ministry of Health to follow up the cases of the sick and patients in the hospitals, and also for issuing death certificates for the deceased .

Among the tasks and services of the “Agents” is also the collection of the service provided fees, and the issuance of the tickets for transporting pilgrims after payment of their value . The Agent used to collect the fees for the services of the company’s employers and the fees of tents, and coordinate this with all of the local and international banks , bank branches around the world, and the official Hajj missions responsible , until the issuance of the new regulation. In addition to the issuance of the transport tickets for pilgrims at the various stages of their travels, by approved transport companies affiliated with the ” General Syndicate of Cars “, which transport pilgrims between Jeddah, Mecca, the Holy Sites, and Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah .

Service Development

Since the “Agents” are the first to receive the pilgrim and the last to bid him farewell to his country, they were keen to leave the pilgrim with a good impression of the prosperity and advancement that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing, which includes all aspects of life, and in various fields. Therefore, they developed and modernized their businesses and services. An advanced computer information network was founded , waiting rates were reduced to the lowest rates, a database was provided for pilgrims, the latest mechanisms and preparations , large numbers of electric cars, wired and wireless communication devices, and other modern devices and equipment were provided, and the effectiveness of work teams was increased .The Agents Dedicate themselves for the accomplishment of the procedures of the pilgrims and receiving them, in order to reach the highest rates of performance and to achieve the speed and the efficiency of completing these procedures. This is done through early planning, preparing the necessary operational plans to receive the expected numbers of the pilgrims, and securing the human resources workers, equipment, machinery and all that is required to serve the pilgrims.